Freeze Stubborn Fat
Destroy Cellulite
Revive Sagging Skin

onquer your insecurities

What we do: Body Contouring Denver

We want to get you feeling more confident in your own skin! By using medical-grade technology with years of experience, the professionals at the Ice Cave can get you Instagram ready, no filter needed.

We offer an innovative Fat-Freezing method to permanently kill fat cells, Radio-waves to kick-start collagen for tighter skin, and targeted Shockwaves to break-up Cellulite. Click on the ‘Learn More’ buttons below to learn how!

Skin Tightening
Radio Therapy
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T-C-T-L™(Thermal-Cryo-Thermal-Lipo) Cryolipolysis Method
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Cellulite Reduction
Shockwave Therapy
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