Do I Need to Lose Weight Before a Cellulite Treatment?

Apr 01, 2023
Do I Need to Lose Weight Before a Cellulite Treatment?
Cellulite is a condition that causes lumpy, dimpled skin on your thighs and buttocks, leaving many people uncomfortable with how they look. If you’re interested in treatment for your cellulite, do you need to shed weight first? Read on to learn more.

Fat is a complicated substance for humans. On one hand, fat is necessary to store energy, pad body parts from impact, and help regulate temperature, but on the other hand, it can also lead to obesity and other complications which can affect your health. Additionally, the accumulation of fat cells under your skin can create cellulite, which can impact your self image.

While it’s a common and generally harmless condition, cellulite leaves areas of your skin looking dimply, lumpy, and unpleasant. There are several ways to treat it, but should you consider losing a certain amount of weight before attempting to have cellulite treatment

Residents of Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, San Diego, California, and Tampa, Florida, looking for ways to eliminate cellulite and other unpleasant blemishes can find help with the experienced team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting.

Let’s explore more about what cellulite is, how your weight may affect it, and how we can treat it when you’re ready to be rid of it.

Understanding cellulite

The type of fat that develops under your skin is known as subcutaneous fat, and as mentioned previously, having a certain amount of it is necessary for your health. But too much leads to conditions like heart disease, strokes, hypertension, fatty liver disease, and kidney disease.

Another result of the accumulation of subdermal fat cells is that it can push against the upper layers of your skin while pulling down the connective tissue that tethers it to the muscles in that area. This is what causes the uneven dimpling and lumpiness associated with this condition. 

The overall causes of cellulite aren’t completely understood, but things like weight, hormones, genetics, body type, and skin type help determine if you end up with it. Women are more likely to deal with cellulite, as many start developing it after puberty, regardless of their weight.

How weight affects cellulite

Excess subcutaneous fat cells can certainly help lead to cellulite, but weight loss isn’t guaranteed to impact your struggle. What is more likely is that gaining weight will make cellulite more pronounced. This is especially true if genetic or skin and body type factors are also playing a role in your battle with the skin blemish. 

Losing weight can help improve the appearance of your skin overall, and exercise can help with toning muscles connected with this condition, but it may not reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly without further help.

So losing weight isn’t absolutely necessary prior to treatment for cellulite, but reducing your stored fat cells can help make the process easier and keep you at a healthier weight, so it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Cellulite treatment

Treating this condition means reducing the impact of problems with circulation, fat stores, inflammation, and connective tissue on your skin. We treat your cellulite using shockwave cavitation, a form of acoustic therapy that stimulates the collagen in your affected areas through pulses of shockwaves. 

Collagen is an important protein responsible for maintaining the structure and firmness of your skin, and this treatment method increases its production to improve your connective tissue, increase your blood circulation, and drain the excess fat through your lymphatic system.

So, you may not need to lose weight for cellulite treatments like shockwave cavitation to work, but it can reduce the appearance of dimples and help you stay healthy. 

Each person’s requirements prior to treatment may vary depending on the causes of your cellulite, so make an appointment with the team at Ice Cave Body Sculpting today to find the best way to say goodbye to your cellulite. Call our location closest to you or book a visit online today.