Determined to redefine your body contours? Look no further than our ‘Fat Freezing’ service at Ice Cave Body & Aesthetics. This innovative, non-surgical treatment targets those stubborn fat cells that resist diet and exercise, sculpting your body for a more desirable shape. Start your journey with us to a more confident you.



Fat freezing is an aesthetic procedure that makes use of Thermal-Cryo-Thermal-Lipo™ (TCTL) technology. This innovative technique applies both heat and cold simultaneously to your stubborn fat cells. The “melting” effect this creates helps your body naturally dispose of those pesky cells. Our team at Ice Cave Body & Aesthetics is highly skilled in administering this treatment, ensuring optimal results.

This process targets the areas where fat tends to accumulate, such as your chin, abdomen, or thighs. By directly focusing on these specific zones, our TCTL fat freezing treatment aids in sculpting a more desirable body shape. Our commitment is to help you feel confident and satisfied with your appearance.


Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical

Saying goodbye to stubborn fat doesn't have to mean going under the knife. Our fat freezing procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical, allowing you to achieve your body goals without the risks or downtime associated with surgery.

Natural-Looking Results

With our fat freezing procedures, you can expect results that are not only long-lasting but also incredibly natural-looking. We aim for subtle enhancements that elevate your existing beauty, so you'll still look like you - only more sculpted.

Little to No Downtime

We understand you lead a busy life, which is why we prioritize treatments that allow you to return to your daily activities as soon as possible. With little to no downtime after each fat freezing session, you can continue your day virtually uninterrupted.


With fat freezing, we can address those troublesome spots that just won’t shift, no matter how much you diet or exercise. The areas that can be treated include your chin and jaw, abdomen, flanks, thighs, and upper arms. We understand that every body is unique, and therefore, we tailor our services to best meet your individual needs.

Our specialists at Ice Cave Body Sculpting will work with you to identify your problem areas and create a bespoke treatment plan. This ensures the most effective results for you. Remember, this isn’t about dramatic weight loss, but rather sculpting your body into a shape that makes you feel confident and happy.


Your journey to a more sculpted body doesn’t end with your fat freezing treatment. Maintaining the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve requires commitment and dedication. Adopting a healthy diet is key. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into your meals can help keep your body in optimal shape. 

Equally important is regular exercise. Engage in activities that you enjoy to ensure consistency. Whether it’s running, swimming, yoga, or a gym workout, moving your body helps burn calories and keeps fat cells at bay. Remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Your success is our joy. Let’s work together to maintain your new, beautiful shape for years to come.


Here at Ice Cave Body Sculpting, we understand that delving into the world of non-invasive hair restoration, especially with innovative treatments like KeraLase, might bring up several questions. This section is tailored to address your queries, offering clear and concise answers about the KeraLase procedure, its benefits, and what you can expect, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready for your journey towards healthier hair.

Still Have Questions?

KeraLase is a non-invasive hair restoration treatment that combines the power of LaseMD Ultra laser technology with the nourishing KeraFactor Serum. The process begins with the laser creating microchannels in the scalp, improving the absorption of the serum, which is rich in bio-identical growth factors and proteins, essential for stimulating hair follicles and promoting scalp health.

One of the key advantages of KeraLase is its minimal discomfort. The LaseMD Ultra laser operates gently to create microchannels, and patients typically experience little to no pain during the procedure. Any slight discomfort felt is often described as a mild tingling or warmth on the scalp.

Results can vary based on individual conditions and the specific needs of your scalp and hair. However, most clients begin to see noticeable improvements after 3-6 treatments. 


During your consultation at Ice Cave Body Sculpting, we’ll assess your situation and recommend a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best outcomes.

Each KeraLase session is swift and efficient, typically taking about 30 minutes to complete, making it an ideal choice for individuals with busy schedules. There’s zero downtime, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment, without any need for recovery time.


Ive been to many med spas and Ice Cave is by far the best. Ben really goes above and beyond in making sure you get amazing results. For reference, i got a fat lipolysis procedure for my mid section and the lutronic laser for my face and neck. It was my first time trying the laser and so far I'm seeing good results (cleared blemishes, improved skin laxity, overall clearer complexion). Excited to see what a second treatment will do! Extremely happy I found this place. Highly recommend.

Sarah Gambino

Ben has hands down the best laser deals in town. I’m on to my second package and it’s worth every penny! My face looks years younger!


Amazing results with Ben! I recommend him to all my friends. Professional and helpful with choosing the best treatments for my face and body.

Melissa Winburne

I had a fantastic experience at Ice Cave Body & Aesthetics! Ben creates such a welcoming atmosphere and ensures you feel completely at ease throughout your visit. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. If you are looking for a place to help you look your best, look no further!

Paige Wilson

First time visiting, Ben and his staff were super professional and knowledgeable, will definitely be back!!

Rocco stieg

Ben is a true professional who cares about his patients. He wants to make sure results meet patient expectations. Highly recommended!!


Ice cave is great. it’s in a brand new office. Ben (owner) is awesome. I have been very pleased with the results. He does a great job and is very professional. I would recommend him.

Wendy Bramley

Ben is great and very accommodating! The new location is clean, comfortable, and the treatment sessions are carried out efficiently and professionally. The goal here seems to be cultivating happy, repeat clients, not just one-offs. I'm hopeful the results of the treatment will be positive.

Di Maz

This is the best medical spa I have ever been to. Ben is incredibly kind, patient, and professional. He cares about his patients/clients. I’ve been beyond happy with results from the multiple different treatments I’ve had!


Excellent experience! Booking, location and communication are all wonderful. The services offered are top notch and Ben is very knowledgeable and results driven. Will definitely be back!

Valerie Walker

Strongly encourage others to use Ice Cave Body Sculpting! From the appointment scheduling to an in office visit it was comfort and knowledge first. Excited for a “new” me!

Lisa Dallmann

I had heard about a new laser treatment for rosacea and was not disappointed. The procedure was virtually painless and did not require any numbing of my face. The redness and general ruddiness of my face, which I have a tough time treating without major antibiotics, improved immediately. I am also seeing improvement in my rosacea bumps and the treated areas of my face are generally much smoother now and even in tone. While far from a cure, this is the best option that I have ever found. Ben Alexander and his professional staff at Ice Cave Body & Aesthetics were fantastic. I'll certainly be going back for additional treatments in the future. I highly recommend Ice Cave Body & Aesthetics.

Dwight Thompson

Love the new Lutronic laser!! Great results q

Mackenzie Messer

Love the new Lutronic laser!! Great results q

Mackenzie Messer